We are  trade union activists and community development  workers from Sri Lanka.

In 1998, several dozens of voluntary workers from various trade unions and community organisations participated in a workshop in Colombo, Sri Lanka on “Rebuilding new workers movement to protect workers rights and lobbying for social protection”. The aim of this workshop – organized by Free workers Forum – was to bring together Trade unions and activists from organized and unorganized sectors from all over the island to discuss strategies for supporting a strong programme to rebuild workers movement. As a result of this workshop, we had more than two years of discussions and joint seminars within these organisations. In the end, Free Trade Union Development Centre was emerged, established and supported by more than 50 participants from different parts of the Island. After this huge success of joining forces for a common goal, FTUDC decided to keep the momentum and to deepen their action towards achieving social protection for all oppressed and underprivileged people in Sri Lanka. And also, FTUDC decided to build the coalition with community organizations globally.

Today, FTUDC is working towards to build knowledgeable and networked society to protect basic human and democratic rights and also to establish social security and welfare of the people globally.

Thus, FTUDC is one of the partner organizations of the Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors was created in summer 2012. The Coaltion consists now of more than 80 NGOs and Trade Unions from all parts of the world.